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4 Post-Interview Actions That Will Help You Land the Job

post-interview actions

Regardless of how great your interview goes, you’re going to worry about the outcome. After all, you and the employer must consider many variables.

Luckily, there are four post-interview actions you can take not long after you leave the interview chair to help alleviate the uncertainty.   

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Job Interview Challenge: What to Do When the Trail Goes Cold


The job hunt is full of many frustrating delays…

Even if you blast through the basic frustrations such as finding the right job, writing a compelling resume and crafting an effective cover letter, you can still get hung up on someone else’s schedule: the busy HR manager.   

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The So Simple Rules for Following Up After a Job Interview

should I follow up

One of the most perplexing subjects for job seekers: how and when to follow-up after a job interview.

Everyone knows they should follow-up (although truth be told, few actually do). But how? When? At what point to you go from a quality candidate to a creepy stalker?   

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7 Simple Follow Up Rules for Job Seekers

Follow Up To-do List

Proper follow up is an integral piece of your job search, and how you execute can make or break your chances at snagging an interview, or even an offer. And while we live in the digital age where immediate information at our fingertips is the norm, it’s not quite the way the hiring process works. As such, your efforts in following up after an interview, and even submitting your resume, require a delicate balance of assertiveness and respect for your contact’s time.   

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The Long Lost Art of Following Up


I’ve heard this phrase many times throughout my life:

“Do what you said you’ll do, when you said you were going to do it.”

Over the past couple of years, I’ve pondered this advice further as I meet more job seekers ready for the workforce. Now, this advice applies to everyone. It’s particularly poignant to job seekers and networkers. Because so many people don’t follow this great advice, those who do immediately stand out. Here are a few ways you can set yourself apart with the art of follow up:   

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Don’t Waste Networking Karma: Follow Up!


“I sent Jocelyn an email… never heard back from her.”

Avoiding awkward situations like meeting new people often keeps us from jumping into the job search. What I’m noticing now is another challenge. The need to develop the follow-up skills that keep job seekers in the game.

It’s a new skill you need to learn for the job search – and the workplace. And it’s different than getting assignments done on time in the classroom.

Think about all the things you know how to do today because you didn’t give up after one failed attempt. Think of all the networking connections you’ll miss in your life if you do!

So next time you “don’t hear back” on a networking introduction, try these ideas.   

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