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What You Should Really Expect During Your First Week On the Job

first week

As a young professional, your first”real” job is a momentous and once a in a lifetime opportunity. And, as with any new experience, you may feel uncertain about what to expect during your first week on the job.

Want to thrive in your first week at your job? Expect the unexpected.   

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5 Important Things You’ll Learn From Your First Job

first job

If you’re just joining the world of work, perhaps on your first job, congratulations are in order! You’re taking a big step towards building a life that is both meaningful and powerful.

And you’re about to have a one-of-a-kind experience…   

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9 Costly (And Avoidable) Newbie Job Search Mistakes

Businessman and banana skin

Your first “real” job search (as a newly-minted young professional) is quite a learning experience. So many options; so little time! You can’t wait to hear those magic words: “You’re hired”. You don’t want to make job search mistakes that will extend your job search. But, you may not be clear on exactly what to do next and what is appropriate.

Check out these 10 mistakes recent grads make that postpone that first paycheck:   

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The Top 5 Lessons You’ll Learn at Your First Real Job

Start Day One

The journey from college to career may not be perfectly seamless. Now more than ever, young professionals often experience a serious learning curve coming fresh out of college. But no matter your level of experience, your approach and attitude to that all-important first job can serve as a valuable learning experience and stepping stone for future success.

Here are five of the many lessons I learned from my first post-college job… lessons that can help you in your first years as a professional:   

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Here’s What I Wish I Knew Before Starting My First Job

Wish I Knew

In 2010, like many of you, commencement had come and gone. I had worked my butt off through the summer and landed what felt like a dream job at a top digital marketing agency.

I quickly learned, however, my expectations were very different from the reality I stepped into. So, I wanted to share five things I wish I had known before I started working…   

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5 Do’s and Don’ts When Applying for Your First Job

Dos and donts

Applying for college courses can be a challenging experience for first time students – especially when mastering that personal statement part of the application.

After making the transition from campus to career, the skills, tips and tricks learned during those days (or even weeks) spent painstakingly crafting the perfect personal statement for your college application don’t have to be wasted. Instead you can put these lessons to use when applying for your first job…   

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