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The First Day at New Job: A Workplace Mantra for Young Professionals

workplace mantra

If you find yourself at a new job or internship and face an unfamiliar office environment, rely on the workplace mantra below to survive those first awkward weeks.

After all, a new job is a new beginning and also an opportunity to grow and be the best you can be…   

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Introverts: The Ultimate Guide to Starting a New Job Right [Infographic]

how introverts can start that new job right

At certain key moments in your career, you need to display confidence in yourself and your abilities. Introverts might find that difficult. That’s why we’ve offered our advice to help introverts show confidence in in everything from networking to job interviews. But what happens when all of that is behind you. You landed the job! Now it’s time to face one of the most stressful situations of all… the first day.   

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First Day of Work: 5 Things You Must Do

first day of work

For most of us, navigating the work environment on our first day at a new job is much like riding a roller-coaster.

The excitement of meeting your new colleagues and getting familiar with on-site duties blends with the anxiety of making a good first impression… and the fear of screwing up.   

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