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First Day On a New Job? Here’s 4 Things They Wont Tell You

first day

No matter how excited you are, how great your new company seems, or how much background research you’ve done… you’re never quite ready.

So here are a few tips that I share with anyone headed into their first day on a new the job… tips your employer or boss won’t tell you.


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The Workplace Newbie’s Guide to Surviving Day One [Infographic]

surviving day one

Everybody has their first day. And not all of them go exactly to plan. So today, we’re happy to present this infographic from ChairOffice titled, “The Office Newbie’s Survival Guide: Surviving Day One.”

From looking ahead to what you’ll need on the first day of the job to what not to bring for lunch, it’s all in here…   

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5 Things You Can’t Do on The First Day of Work

First Day on the Job

Several weeks into a job search, many recent grads are starting to see job offers come in. Soon, it will be time for that most nerve-wracking, yet exciting, of days: the first day on the job.

And many of these new entrants to the workforce have a million and one thoughts running through their head. And you may, too. So many that you might not be thinking about the big picture and overlook the little, but infinitely important details, of your first day at work like these…   

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Are You the New Guy? Here’s 10 Ways to Quickly Establish Yourself

new guy

Entering the workforce for the first time or starting a new gig can be challenging. Making it even more difficult: being new to a tenured team – a team that has already spent years or decades creating their culture, developing common ways of doing things and building a shared understanding between members.

Here are 10 ways you can ease the “new guy” transition, and quickly establish yourself as part of the team…   

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