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8 Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Mentor [Infographic]

perfect mentor

Are you looking for the perfect mentor to help guide your career? Then you may already know: It can be hard to determine who best fits your needs.

So how do you find the perfect mentor? Or mentors? For starters, take a look at this helpful infographic from Fundera…   

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Seeking a Career Mentor: Nine Characteristics You Should Value

career mentor

People hear the advice “find a mentor” fairly often, but that doesn’t always help. In fact, there are a lot of potential career mentors ouch there, each with a variety of levels of skill and success. So how do you know which person might be a good fit as a mentor, and which might be a misfit?   

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#60Day Challenge, Day Two: Stalk New Mentors

#60Day 2 of 60

We all know that one person we really want to meet; someone who works for a brand we admire, a blogger or someone we know from a past internship or volunteer job. Whoever it is, your career would benefit by having that person in your corner.

Today, you are going to reach out to that person… by becoming a world-class stalker.   

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10 Characteristics of Mentorship You Didn’t Know (But Should)


If you are a college student, recent graduate or young professional perhaps you’ve become aware that mentorship – and curating mentor relationships – has become a critical element in your career development.

Since mentorship is a relatively new aspect of career planning, made even more important by the continuing issues with our economy, this seems like a good time to talk about the concept in more detail. Specifically, let’s talk about facets of mentorship you should think about as you seek out the right mentors for you.

Here are my top 10 aspects of mentorship you maybe didn’t know… yet.   

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