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The Social Media Job Search Rewards Careful Research

Social Media Job Search

Most of us think of social media as a great tool for advertising our skills and networking with other professionals.

Yes, your online profiles certainly need to promote your experience to potential employers. However, the social media job search doesn’t end there. Corporate profiles also enable you to learn about a company as you apply for jobs and prepare for job interviews.

The social media job search also means social media research!   

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25 Important Facebook Rules for Job Seekers

One of the greatest debates revolves around how recruiters take advantage of these sites to get a glimpse of who they may or may not want to hire. Thus, an entire Internet behavior protocol sprung up around this phenomenon.

Here are some basic rules for using Facebook and other social networking sites when looking for a job.   

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A Complete Guide to Finding a Job on Facebook

As much as you may want to resist giving your Facebook page a professional makeover, we cannot overlook its potential as the largest network of them all in the job search. Company presence on Facebook is growing rapidly, and you better believe hiring managers are going to browse through your profile to see if you are a good fit for their position.

Here is your complete guide to finding a job on Facebook:   

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