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Career Confidence: How to Look Confident When You’re Not [Infographic]

career confidence

When you lack genuine confidence, it’s hard to perform at your best in any situation. This is especially true in your professional life.

After all, without a healthy amount of career confidence, you may never reach the level of success you deserve…   

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Ready for Your Close-up? 5 Job Interview Characters You Don’t Want to Portray

job interview characters

Talented actors take on the persona of their character through hours of practice… and so should you.

Do you know these job interview characters? These are the types of interviewees you DON’T want to be…   

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Impostor Syndrome: Are You Worrying Your Way Out of a Successful Career?

impostor syndrome

When starting out in the working world, many young people adopt a “fake it ’til you make it” mindset.

For people with impostor syndrome, this idea is easier said than done…   

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Job Requirements: Should You Fake it Until You Make It?

job requirements

The truth is that there is a lot of a new job that you won’t know. So of course you have to fake it until you make it… in terms of really understanding and knowing how to do the job.

At least that’s the normal thought process.   

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