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What Are The 7 Deadly Face-to-Face Networking Sins?


In some circles networking has a bad reputation. In part, this is because of a few bad networking apples who spoil it for everyone else.

As someone who has attended (and hosted) thousands of networking meetings and events — and is often referred to as a ‘master networker’ – I’m going to let you in on a few secrets of bad face-to-face networking…   

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By the Numbers: Everything We Need to Know About Networking [Infographic]


Until that day when robots take over all of our jobs… business will still be conducted by people. Whether you are in a job search, want to stay up-to-date on your career skills, or are connecting for work-related reasons, networking is the most effective way to conduct business. Just how effective? In terms of finding a new job, for example, 46% of job seekers in a five-year study found a job through networking. The next most effective study result was Internet job boards… at only 25%. (Only 1% found a job through the newspaper). What makes an effective networker? What   

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