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Face-off: Should High Schools Students Find Internships and Work?

Face off

Many high schoolers are faced with securing internships and skill-building part-time work. Why? Because they, or their parents, feel the need to get a head start on becoming employable.

Does that mean every high school student should work? Or should they enjoy their last few years of being a kid?   

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Face-off: Is Applying for Multiple Positions at the Same Company Smart?

Face off

Is applying for two or more positions at the same company a red flag to hiring managers? A sign of desperation?

Hear advice on this subject from two generational perspectives on this week’s Face-off…

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Face-Off: Are You Getting the Credit You Deserve?

Face off

What happens when you don’t get the credit you deserve?

A young careerist spent weeks preparing for a major presentation to corporate executives who traveled into the regional office specifically for this meeting. The day before the presentation, her boss tells her that she will be making the presentation – she just had to walk her through it…   

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