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The 5 Extra-Curriculars Recruiters Want to See on Your Resume

College Experiences for Your Resume

Think your good grades and that degree are all you need to get that first job? Think again.

Today, employers are looking for much more from entry-level candidates. So having extracurricular activities that show you are a well-rounded person who will fit well into their culture are not just a “nice-to-have” – they are expected.   

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Your Degree Is Not Enough: Go the Extra-Curricular Mile


The attributes that we all leave our university careers with are what set us apart. Two people with exactly the same degree can be entirely different people, offer entirely different strengths to an employer and be suited for entirely different jobs.

The thing about college is that we are all, if we are willing to put in the hard work and a few Red Bull-fueled all-nighters, led on a path which should see us leave with a qualification. In that sense we could say that two people studying in the same class experience the same university life, in academic terms, anyway.

If this is the case, then what separates us from one another? How does one graduate separate themself from another?   

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5 Extracurricular Activities That Rock Your Resume

So you think just because you’re an A+ student, you’re golden when it comes to getting into college and snagging that first job, huh?

Maybe you think employers don’t care if you were president of your sorority, or how you successfully managed to donate and deliver 15,000 pairs of shoes to children in Africa.

Think again.   

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