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How Do You Work Around a Lack of Work Experience?

Entry Level Job Seeker

If you’re a new or recent grad, the lack of experience may seem to disqualify you for many jobs.

However, I’ve seen numerous success stories with clients who have overcome this dilemma, and I want to share some strategies about how you can do that, too…   

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5 Internship Lessons from The Rich and Famous

Famous Interns

MindFloss recently published a new video about 25 famous people who started their careers as interns at the bottom of the totem pole. From news anchors like Anderson Cooper to fashion designers such as Betsey Johnson, successful people from almost every industry got their start as an intern.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration during your internship, here are five important lessons to take away from history’s most famous interns…   

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College Students Surrounded by Relevant Experience

College Experience

Most of us understand it is difficult for students to find work, and the majority of that difficulty may be due to a lack of work experience.

Experience is not the problem, however; never has been. The true challenge lies in a student’s inability to identify where relevant experience comes from… and then sell that experience on a resume, social media profile and during the interview.

Most students believe the only experience that matters is the experience we get from working…   

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#InternPro Chat: “Dilemma for Young Careerists: Got Experience?”

It used to be a diploma was the golden ticket to a job and career. In the current economy, however, recruiters have raised the bar – and most jobs now require candidates to have prior work experience to even be considered. Recent grads often find it’s difficult to get hired… and are faced with a difficult and sometimes demoralizing job search.

However, young job seekers have options! This week, the #InternPro community discussed this entry-level dilemma – and provided great insights for gaining the necessary “experience required” as well as how best to present to employers the experience and soft skills you’ve acquired so far…   

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