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The New Formula for Resume Success

Formula for Resume Success

I’ve read hundreds of articles on job searching… possibly even topping a thousand. By far, the one topic talked about most in these articles: resumes. And many of these articles recommend the use of action verbs, quantification and the direct impact of your contributions.

The goal: to show you did something that contributed directly to the bottom line of your previous employer…   

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10 Things That Aren’t On Your Resume (But Should Be)

On Your Resume Or No

Many young careerists – even those with a couple internships under their belt – feel as though their resume and LinkedIn profiles are, for lack of a better word, lacking. And sometimes this is true – especially when you’re up against someone with three, five and even ten years of at least semi-relevant experience. In that case, how do you compete?

You compete – and win – by including on your resume the achievements, projects and assignments you may have overlooked, or chose not to put on your resume because they were short-term, campus-only related or “not a real job”…   

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