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12 College Experiences Your Resume Really Needs [Infographic]


e are long past the time when a college degree is all you need to get a job when you graduate. You need to show relevant experience… even if that experience didn’t come from the workplace, but from on-campus activities.

Leadership roles, stints as campus ambassador, internships, and so many more interests and endeavors can separate you from the millions of other college students looking for work…   

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Job Search Shortcuts Sure to Help Get that First Gig [Infographic]


The unemployment rate for college grads is 7.9%, which means many young adults are still having difficulty finding a job. That fact is scary, indeed. However, you have a lot of say in whether you are part of that statistic.

With some networking knowledge, adjustments to your online presence and developing an action plan rather than just randomly applying, you will be on your way to becoming gainfully employed.

Check out this interesting infographic from CollegeFeed with some job search shortcuts you can use to land your first job!   

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How to Build a Career After Realizing Your Degree Isn’t Helping

Social Media Side Door

What do you do when you realize the degree you spent all those years completing… is completely useless? When the only job you can land after graduation is… collections?

If you’re Ian Greenleigh – author of the must-read book “The Social Media Side Door” – you use your most marketable skill (social media) to “flip the script”. You ignore the limitations and stereotypes that come with your college degree, think differently than anyone would have expected, and you write your own ticket…   

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Before Saying Yes: How to Handle 4 Tough Entry-level Decisions

Before you say yes

During your entry-level job search, it may seem like a good idea to accept the first offer that comes your way.

In a tough job market, what if it’s the only offer you get? Right?


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