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Starting a Career Search… When You Don’t Know Where to Start

If you’re like a lot of college students, you may not even know where to start.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the big Career Question—“What do you want to be when you grow up?”—so break it down into small, manageable questions. These three easy brainstorms will get the ideas flowing about your passions, interests and strengths.   

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#InternPro Chat: “Dilemma for Young Careerists: Got Experience?”

It used to be a diploma was the golden ticket to a job and career. In the current economy, however, recruiters have raised the bar – and most jobs now require candidates to have prior work experience to even be considered. Recent grads often find it’s difficult to get hired… and are faced with a difficult and sometimes demoralizing job search.

However, young job seekers have options! This week, the #InternPro community discussed this entry-level dilemma – and provided great insights for gaining the necessary “experience required” as well as how best to present to employers the experience and soft skills you’ve acquired so far…   

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Employers: 13 Common Complaints About Recent Grads

Think it’s the economy that’s keeping you from landing a job? Sure, that could be the problem. Employers have a lot of complaints about recent grads these days, from a sense of entitlement to being completely unprepared.

Increase your chance of early career success – be sure you’re not guilty of any of these employment no-nos:   

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Build a Relationship with Your Manager: 8 Keys to New Job Success

When you’re getting settled in that first job (or any new job for that matter), make establishing a good relationship with your manager a priority.

Building relationships and establishing trust are key elements to success in any organization, especially for recent grads. One of the most important relationships to build is the one with your manager.

Here are some ideas to get started:   

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A Career Crystal Ball: Quality Questions Determine Your Fortune

For several years I’ve been in charge of training new team members for my weekend gig, where we rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals. I’ve been training these volunteers long enough that – on their very first day, by a single characteristic – I can tell how well they’ll perform in the long-term.

What is this one characteristic that enables me to determine their future?

The quality of the questions they ask.

As a college student or recent graduate starting your first internships or jobs, you’re a lot like my volunteers.   

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5 Important Questions Before You Take That First Job

You’re ready for your first stint as a young professional. But before you negotiate start dates, you have a few more questions to ask: How will your new employer on-board you?

On boarding provides a metaphorical welcome mat from the hiring organization, to you. A good on boarding program tells you the employer is invested in keeping you around. They know it helps engage and retain top talent.

Before you leap, ask a few questions about what your welcome mat will look like.   

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