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The 5 Extra-Curriculars Recruiters Want to See on Your Resume

College Experiences for Your Resume

Think your good grades and that degree are all you need to get that first job? Think again.

Today, employers are looking for much more from entry-level candidates. So having extracurricular activities that show you are a well-rounded person who will fit well into their culture are not just a “nice-to-have” – they are expected.   

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Unlike College, Work Won’t Have a Syllabus


A few months after graduation, in my first real-world job, I received a piece of feedback from my boss on my performance. It seems although I was out of school, I was still in college mode.

This is an important lesson for all new, or soon to be, graduates. When you get to work the first week, there will be no printed sheet of deadlines and expectations.

Now don’t panic. All the information you need to make a stellar work syllabus for yourself exists in your organization; you just have to find it.   

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Critical Career Advice: Don’t Skip the Entry-level Job


Many of you soon-to-be college graduates are just starting your job search, and you’re probably looking at LinkedIn postings for mid-level management positions with visions of cool-sounding titles and big paychecks dancing in your head.

This is totally normal – I had the same “first job” fantasies myself. But what I got was even better: a series of entry-level jobs.

You don’t want to miss out on entry-level experience. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Here’s why.   

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Five Gears to Shift From College to First Job

One observation employers make about college recruits is that they are often not well prepared for the workplace.

Of the many reasons for this, one is that we don’t talk enough about the shifts that happen when you leave the academic system and transition to organizational work. Many of the expectations that hold true in the workplace are not typically part of a deep dive in the college curriculum…   

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Hey New Guy! 10 Secrets to Assertively Ask for Help

In a new job, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to pursue the dreaded task of asking others for help, looking to them to share their experience and knowledge.Many young professionals detest having to do so, because it makes them feel dumb.

Instead of seeing assistance as an admission of weakness, view asking for help as an opportunity to reach out and build relationships with others as you learn. Your career will benefit for the effort! Here are some tips for doing so:   

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Your Dream Career Became a Nightmare: 4 Tips to Wake Up

You’ve finally landed an entry-level job in your “dream career”. Awesome, right? Unfortunately, not for everyone. Whether you realize your dream career requires more working hours than you’re willing to dedicate or the tasks you’re delegated are uninteresting or just plain jarring, having a change of heart about your career path doesn’t have to be the end of the world. It’s possible to switch dream careers and keep your already established personal brand in tact. Here are a few tips on how to switch career objectives without harming your personal brand: Never Stop Being Professional Just because you’ve decided to   

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