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Elevator Pitch Mistakes that Keep Your Career on the Ground

elevator pitch mistakes

Sometimes getting ahead in this world isn’t about climbing the corporate ladder. Sometimes it’s about knowing how to use the elevator. The elevator pitch… that is. Whether your starting your own business or applying for your dream job, your elevator pitch can make all the difference. We turned to some successful entrepreneurs for tips on how to avoid common elevator pitch mistakes that will keep your career from ever getting off the ground.   

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How to Network Like an Optimist Even When Between Gigs


Making a positive impression at networking events is all about how you position yourself – even when your current position isn’t exactly where you thought you’d be.

But while in between gigs, how do you go about maintaining an optimistic persona… especially when you’re asked the No. 1 question at networking events: “What do you do?”   

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5 Mistakes Many Young Entrepreneurs Make on Social Media


You’ve been hard at work all day. You finally have a couple minutes to yourself and decide to log in into your social media outlets to post a status about your shiny new job or venture. Next thing you know, you’re completing BuzzFeed quizzes and cursing silently at your friends who just got back from vacation in Hawaii. Does this distraction validate all the naysayers who claim that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be on social media? Absolutely not! While it’s easy to get distracted or even depressed while browsing through a news feed, social media is an incredible resource for entrepreneurs. And what   

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Entrepreneur or Employee: Which Are You?

Career Choice

Almost every entrepreneur has been an employee at least once in his or her life. Whether it was their first job as a Starbucks Barista, or their most recent position as a Business Development manager for a software company, it’s unlikely they’ve always known they wanted to be an entrepreneur.

However, it’s not unlikely that they’ve always been different than their co-workers…   

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Women in Business: 3 Steps to an “Authentic” Leadership Style

Woman boss

Women face unique challenges as leaders, whether they work in the corporate world or as business owners. There seems to be a large chasm between female leaders who too easily sacrifice authority, and iron-fisted women who never budge once their minds are made up.

Unfortunately, neither approach is effective for long-term leadership.

There are many aspects of leadership, but the core question is this: as strong and capable women, how can we lead without being labeled bossy, b*tchy, or worse?

If you’re struggling to find your authentic style, follow these three steps:   

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Don’t Fear the Competition… BE the Competition (Part 2)


As much as I see the detriments of constant self-comparison among job seekers, I see it equally as rampant among entrepreneurs starting out in their small businesses.

When you’re completely self-reliant on your own talents, skills and strategy to create a sustainable living, it’s very easy to break it down and dissect everything you’re doing on an atomic level. When you go into business for yourself, inevitably you start surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs, freelancers and like-minded folks who understand the challenges and advantages of your situation…   

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