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4 Ways an Entrepreneurial Mindset Ignites Your Job Search


Most of us seem to think that the traits of successful entrepreneurs only apply to CEOs and business owners. Consistently thinking like an entrepreneur, however, can take you a long way toward accomplishing many goals, especially when vying for a new job.

Here are four ways you can call on your inner entrepreneur during a job search…   

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Should Self-Employment Be First Choice for Millennials?

self empoloyment

Twenty-somethings are also applauded for open-mindedness, forward thinking and self-expression. Along with liberal views, new perspectives and cultural confidence, the kids of Gen Y are future leaders who seek outlets for their creative talents and opportunities for professional establishment.

Even if that means not working for someone else…   

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Are Millennials The Lost Generation? [Infographic]


How about we start talking about what we do bring to the table?

Let’s start creating labels such as: tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and optimistic. Millennials are constantly receiving punches to the gut, yet we continue to thrive. This infographic highlights many reasons why millennials deserve better. We are the future of the workforce and it is time to begin realizing what we are all about.   

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Very Successful Careers Are Very Rarely a Straight Line [Infographic]

Many young professionals stress heavily about finding their career path straight out of school. “I’m so stressed! I don’t know what I want to do with my life!!” they lament. Some others begin their careers full of angst for their entry-level job, wishing they were already occupying a desk in the C-suite at the end of their first week. What all young professionals should remember is… with some talent, a little luck and a hell of a lot of hard work you can be anything you want, and rise to any level. How do we know? Ever heard of Richard   

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5 Points to Consider Before Becoming Your Own Boss


Within each of us is a desire to be our own boss. We’ve all had our “million dollar” idea or one too many horrible bosses that make us want to start our own company.   

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Inspirational Advice for Millennials from Elite Gen Y Entrepreneurs


It can be difficult to know what steps to take when you’re just starting out—whether it’s as a college grad, a job seeker or the founder of your own business.

We asked some of today’s top entrepreneurs, thought leaders, speakers, and bloggers what one piece of career advice they would give to young professionals.

As expected, their answers were both insightful and inspiring.   

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