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How to Overcome an Employment Gap

employment gap

How do you best overcome an employment gap in your resume?

Fortunately, being hired with a large employment gap is not “mission impossible.” Specific strategies to address the gap in employment can be very effective and are very helpful.   

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Mind the Gap: How to Address Resume Employment Gaps

resume employment gaps

A professional resume writer has several tricks up her sleeve to address potential red flags that might concern an employer… including resume employment gaps.

As it puts you in the best light, an effective resume should always be honest and accurate, yet grey out areas that might appear to an employer as a negative…   

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How Will You Overcome The Student Employment Gap? [Infographic]


You are a recent or soon-to-be college graduate entering the workforce… and you’re finding the “entering” part to be more challenging than you ever expected.

Why? Because employers have never been more demanding… which makes “The Student Employment Gap” very real. Consider these facts on employability…   

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