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Have Recruiters at Hello: Write a Better Cover Letter

You had me at hello

Yes. Employers do read cover letters.

I’m sure not all of them do, but the majority still take a few moments to scan through the cover letter. So, having an attention-grabbing cover letter is important.

Here are a few ways that I would NOT use to start your cover letter—followed by some suggestions for how to write a better cover letter opening line that WILL grab the employer’s attention and keep it.   

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Even if Employers Won’t Commit… You Can (and Should)

As if college students and recent grads have not had enough hurdles to conquer to get hired, another trend is gaining momentum…

The job offer finally comes; maybe even with your top choice employer. So why aren’t you celebrating and signing that lease for your new apartment? Because the employment offer comes with a caveat. It’s a paid internship for a short period of time.

If this is the case, follow these 3 suggestions to make this a positive and productive situation… and a valuable stepping stone for your career.   

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Your Resume Should NEVER Have an Objective Statement

Resume Red Flags

I get why job seekers use objective statements; I really do. You want employers to know your job search goals. The problem with objective statements however, is the way they’re written.

I’ve never seen an objective statement that was not broad and unclear. They’re basically a waste of crucial resume real estate…   

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Get Noticed and Get Hired: 8 Tips to Engage Employers

Stand Out

Finding a job that genuinely lights your fire involves a lot of hard effort of exploring and positioning. Your actions are tell-tale signs for you and employers as to whether you are really serious.

Think of this like searching for Mr or Miss Right. Getting the right partner for you involves more than a single date (unless it’s love at first sight). Warming up the relationship means being engaging, interesting, memorable, likeable and recognizing what you are both looking for in a partner.

Engage with employers and get noticed so you have a better chance of getting the job you want with these 8 helpful tips:   

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Employers Are Watching: Can You Be Yourself on Social Media?

Recruiters Are Using Social Media

A student recently asked the following question: “I want to ask you about incorporating personal branding with social media. I have ALWAYS used social media to vent… but if that makes you less favorable in the eyes of employers, it seems there is no longer a medium in which we can post semi-inappropriate statuses, or share our actual thoughts in the moment. What I’m really asking for is advice on finding that balance. How do you do it?” Here is what I said: Personal branding and your online persona go hand in hand, but you are right: it requires balance.   

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Consider a Social Resume to Secure Employment [Infographic]

Why you need a Social Resume to get a job

Social resumes are growing in popularity, and employers are taking notice. 92 percent of companies reported using social media for recruiting purposes in 2012, and 88 percent of job seekers are now active on one or more social networks.

This infographic takes a closer look at why a social resume is now so important, providing hints and tips that will help you secure employment.   

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