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What is The One Thing Employers Look For?

What do employers want

When reviewing job descriptions, the person looking to work at the company ends up zeroing in on meeting every single job description criteria perfectly.

Which is important, but it’s not REALLY what employers are thinking about…   

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Employers and Candidates: Different Views of Today’s Job Search [Infographic]

The job search has changed so much in the last five years or so: social media, personal branding, and the influence of LinkedIn, for example. Throughout all those changes, though, employers and candidates seem to be chasing the same goal: introducing a good employee to a good company.

And yet there are some ways, it seems, that job seekers and employers will never agree…   

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Engage Employers Through Social Media: 7 Great Tips

Social Media

Social media is a great tool for your job search and career. After all, relationships are key to new job opportunities.

With all of the advice about making these connections, however, you may wonder, ‘How exactly do I approach potential employers on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn and get their attention?’

Read on for what several experts have to say about forging professional relationships online…   

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The Top 5 Traits Recruiters Look for in Job Candidates


Great cover letter? Check. Perfect resume? Professionally approved! That’s all well and good and while it may have landed you an interview, it won’t get you hired.

Research shows that a majority of employers are looking for a “cultural fit” over hard skills. Universum, the employer branding firm that surveys over 400,000 students and professionals worldwide on career-related issues, pulled their data and compiled the top five personality traits employers look for in job candidates.   

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Summer Internships Are Still Available… Better Act Soon

Summer Internship Deadlines

It’s not too late to land an internship – even for summer. There are still quite a few available… but don’t wait!

This message is for all the runners-up and procrastinators who know how valuable internships are, but still haven’t landed one – yet.

If you need a push on applying, consider that 60 percent of students who worked a paid internship received at least one job offer last year. This, compared to 36 percent of those with no internships on their resume.   

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4 Job Search Mistakes Employers WILL Notice

Job Search Mistakes

During the hunt for a job, it’s common to continually seek new ways to stand out to potential employers. While job seekers are busy developing their unique pitches to help them stand out, they might be overlooking little mistakes that set them apart… in a negative way.

Not having the success you expected during your job search? Here are four mistakes employers might be noticing…   

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