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Every Employer Will Hire a Problem Solver…Is That You?

What do employers want? They want what EVERYONE wants – someone who’s a doer, who finds a way and gets the job done.

In a world of crappy co-workers and employees, your boss is dying for a can-do attitude. All bosses are – that’s why problem-solving ability regularly ranks as one of the most desirable traits in a prospective employee. Problem solvers are strategic and critical thinkers, people who bring ideas and solutions.

And guess what? Problem solvers get hired!   

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15 Tricks to Narrow Down Job Candidates Faster

It’s nearly impossible to read through every resume word for word. What techniques do you use to get through stacks of resumes fast while also making sure that you pick the best talent for the job?    

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Dear Employers: An Open Letter, From Your Interns

I chose to apply to your position not because I just need any internship. I chose to apply to your internship specifically. I am rooting for your success. I have the talent and ability to help you build your company. If you treat me with the respect I deserve, and allow me to have some creative freedom and responsibility, I will prove myself to you.   

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Employers: Why the Job Search Is Going Mobile [Infographic]

By mobile, I don’t mean being able to travel around (although Gen Y does value a mobile working schedule), but how job search and recruitment efforts are increasingly being conducted on smart phones through savvy career-related apps.   

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5 Tips to Boost Your Career in the New Year

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to finally take your career to the next level and get the position you’ve always dreamed of. If you haven’t take those steps because you don’t know where or how to get started, follow these “must have” tips to boost your career in 2011.   

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5 Reasons Why You Might Consider Unpaid Internships

It’s a fact of life, perhaps a rite of passage.

When you’re in college or just starting your career, you don’t have a lot of money – I’ve been there, and owe McDonald’s a huge debt of gratitude for its $1 Menu. However, you still have bills to pay, books to buy… and late night pizzas aren’t free!

So, in that situation, if you’re going to spend your time and devote your soul to working at an internship, it had damn well better pay you for the effort… right?   

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