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The Perfect 10-Step Job Interview Preparation Guide for Any Company

interview preparation guide

Too often people fail to thoroughly prepare the job interview for this specific job at this company. In other words, they tend to treat each interview as generic in nature.

To help you avoid making this big mistake, follow this 10-step job interview preparation guide…   

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The No. 1 Job Interview Mistake (Worse Than Being Late)

job interview mistake

No, it’s not OK if you arrive late. No, it’s not OK if you dress poorly. Those mistakes are bad, no doubt.

But the #1 job interview mistake, in my opinion, is…   

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Finally: A Simple Step-by-step Guide to Employer Research

employer research

You’ve heard the advice a million times: “Before the interview, do your employer research.”

And yet one of the top complaints by recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals is that many candidates come in into an interview unprepared…   

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