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Here Are the 5 Traits Your New Boss Really Wants To See


What traits does your new boss really want to see from you during your first 90 days on the job? How will you live up to your new manager’s expectations – both spoken and unspoken? Unfortunately, most managers won’t even tell you they are evaluating you against these five traits; they’ll assume you already know. So let me help you read between the lines.  During the interview process, your future manager was sizing you up, not just to see if you can do the job, but to evaluate what type of employee you’ll be. Now, you have to prove you can deliver   

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The Value of an Employee Referral [Infographic]


Traditionally companies drew from the pool of viable applicants on career sites and job boards.

Today, recruiters and employers are utilizing employee referrals to find the most qualified applicants. Your current employees may hold the key to the perfect candidates.

Check out this interesting infographic from Jobvite. It shows how statistically, referred candidates offer several advantages to employers over those who apply through “outside sources.   

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#InternPro Chat: “Dilemma for Young Careerists: Got Experience?”

It used to be a diploma was the golden ticket to a job and career. In the current economy, however, recruiters have raised the bar – and most jobs now require candidates to have prior work experience to even be considered. Recent grads often find it’s difficult to get hired… and are faced with a difficult and sometimes demoralizing job search.

However, young job seekers have options! This week, the #InternPro community discussed this entry-level dilemma – and provided great insights for gaining the necessary “experience required” as well as how best to present to employers the experience and soft skills you’ve acquired so far…   

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Six Management Strategies That Work With Gen-Y

What positives does Gen-Y (Millennials) bring to your startup, and what management strategies will work most effectively and productively with them?

Everyone is quick to point out their shortcomings and idiosyncrasies, but I see some attractive attributes from a business perspective…   

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