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Here Are the 5 Traits Your New Boss Really Wants To See


What traits does your new boss really want to see from you during your first 90 days on the job? How will you live up to your new manager’s expectations – both spoken and unspoken? Unfortunately, most managers won’t even tell you they are evaluating you against these five traits; they’ll assume you already know. So let me help you read between the lines.  During the interview process, your future manager was sizing you up, not just to see if you can do the job, but to evaluate what type of employee you’ll be. Now, you have to prove you can deliver   

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From Intern to Employee: 9 Terrific Transition Tips

New Job

So… you’re the new  intern? The good news: You’ve got your foot in the door (congratulations!) The bad news: This is the start of a 3-month long interview. In this job market, however, that latter news is actually good. A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 58 percent of employers turned their interns to full-time employees in 2012. So even though a lengthy, months-long interview might sound a little intimidating and tedious, this is great opportunity to prove your worth to the company – and there’s a good chance your hard work will land you   

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Every Employer Will Hire a Problem Solver…Is That You?

What do employers want? They want what EVERYONE wants – someone who’s a doer, who finds a way and gets the job done.

In a world of crappy co-workers and employees, your boss is dying for a can-do attitude. All bosses are – that’s why problem-solving ability regularly ranks as one of the most desirable traits in a prospective employee. Problem solvers are strategic and critical thinkers, people who bring ideas and solutions.

And guess what? Problem solvers get hired!   

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How To Have An Awesome Internship

Internships are really tough to get these days. I know… I had to apply to many companies to get an internship at Qwest this summer. Fortunately, I had a very successful internship experience.

In an internship it’s really beneficial to know what work is expected of you. With that knowledge you can prepare yourself and get more out of your internship. Here are a few points I kept in mind that helped me and they can help you in your next internship, too…   

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