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How to Make Employee Referral Programs Work for You

employee referral programs

Eemployee referral programsmployers love employee referral programs!

And nearly 80% of employers with 1,000 employees or more have formal programs. Which makes employee referrals the “fast-track” to a new job…   

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In 5 Steps: Be 5 Times More Likely to Get Hired


Being recommended to the employer by a current employee is often the best – and fastest – way to a new job. Known as a “referral,” a referred candidate is five times more likely to be hired than a candidate who was not referred.

Getting referred for a job is not necessarily uncomplicated or easy, however; especially if — when you start — you have no contacts to refer you to the employer. Here, in five steps, is how to become a referral at the companies you want to work for…   

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