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The 4 College Courses That Get You Hired After Graduation

Rocket Science

For years, you’ve heard about the importance of a college education – and were told that any job worth having required a college degree.

You heard that higher education was scarce, and a degree in any subject would set you apart from the competition.

Once upon a time, it was true. In 2013, it’s not…   

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Employed in 2013: The 7 New Job Search Basics

After speaking engagements or webinars, or through social media, the most popular question I get:

“What’s the one thing I need to do to stand out among so many applicants?”

By hustling just a little bit, and by dedicating a little time each week to career development basics, candidates can easily surpass their job-seeking competition.

What are those basics? Let’s run down the list – and include how many candidates, based on both formal and anecdotal experience, actually put in the effort to reach these minimum requirements…   

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