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Emotional Intelligence: A Key to Workplace Success [Infographic]

emotional intelligence

While there are many benefits to having high intelligence, many managers, supervisors, and other workers—particularly those who work in businesses in which interpersonal relationships are key—have become keenly aware that workplace success may depend on their ability to use another invaluable personality trait: emotional intelligence.   

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Soft Skills: Why Hiring Managers Care So Much About Them

Soft Skills

When you know you’re technically qualified for a job, sometimes it can be hard to understand why hiring managers focus on soft skills instead.

After all, you’re good at what you do. Does it really matter if you’re polite in emails or easy to talk to on the phone? The answer, of course, is yes; it definitely matters.   

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EQ and You: 7 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

IQ gets all the fame. It has Albert Einstein as a poster child and it just sounds so, well, smart.

But your EQ, your emotional intelligence, is equally as important in your personal success—plus, it’s key in the development of leadership skills…   

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8 Things More Important for Success than IQ [Infographic]


She’s so smart… she’ll go far!” We’ve all seen examples where this assumption is made; that IQ is directly related to career success. But what if that isn’t necessarily true?

What if emotional intelligence is a greater indication of success than intellect?   

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Emotional Intelligence and Your Career [Infographic]


We all know technical and soft skills are important… but they have a new, to many, colleague running around employer circles: emotional intelligence.

And with a renewed focus on culture and fit, employers consider emotional intelligence, or EQ, a most important attribute for potential hires…   

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Do You Have What 90 Percent of Top Performers Have?

Emotional Intelligence

You want to be successful in your job, right?

Well, in order to do that, you may need to exhibit one trait that 90% of top performers demonstrate every day:

That one trait: emotional intelligence.   

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