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Conquer These 10 Common Internship Fears


In a recent article “14 Awfully Frustrating Things That Every Intern Goes Through,” there’s a list of fears many interns experience. Although these are common fears for interns, there’s no reason for you to allow them to get the most of your internship experience.

To help you stay calm as you enter your next internship, I’m going to help you divide and conquer some of the most frustrating things you might experience as an intern…   

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The 5 Secrets to Early Career Success

5 Secrets to Early Career Success

The primary advantage of having a mentor and listening to solid career advice: the head start it gives your career

Through these mentors, and their been-there-done-that advice, you have the opportunity to skip the mistakes others have made – and to quickly learn the secrets of success – while your competition continues to struggle…   

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A Great Mentor: Steroids for Your Early Career


Mentoring is an often overlooked resource for young professionals. This is unfortunate because it can provide a huge boost to your early career.

Some young professionals are under the mistaken impression that developing a mentoring relationship is a difficult and formal process – but it doesn’t have to be.

How does one find a mentor? And what attributes should you exhibit that will draw potential mentors to you?   

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Blow Up Your Early Career: Find the “Inner Bomb”


“The best advice I got early on in my career is that being an entrepreneur, whether you like it or not, you have to pretend like you’re the bomb all the time.”

I love the advice to pretend like “you are the bomb”. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a employee…find your inner bomb. You do have something to offer.   

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