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These 7 Jobs Offer the Biggest Salary Increases Each Year

salary increases

Landing a great job in the field you want to work in with a solid salary, not to mention annual salary increases, is really important to your career.

Are you on a path that will not only lead to promotions title and responsibility wise but also salary wise?   

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Job Search Rejection: How to Bounce Back and Move Forward

job search rejection

After weeks of searching for job openings, sending your resume to multiple companies, and experiencing job search rejection — you finally get asked to interview for what could be your dream job.

“This could be THE ONE”, you say to yourself…   

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6 Proven Tips to Help You Find Your First Post-Graduate Job

first post-graduate job

Congratulations on earning your degree! Now that the graduation parties are over and the millionth person has congratulated you on finally entering the “real world,” it’s time to hang up your grad cap and start actually applying for your first post-graduate job.

But if you don’t have a gig lined up after commencement, don’t stress…   

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What Does Your Ideal Workplace Look Like? [Infographic]

ideal workplace

This infographic from the folks at Quill.com will help you determine the ideal workplace for your personality type.

No, you may not have much say in your workplace environment. But at least you’ll know what to look for in your next job search…   

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How to Land a Successful Career in the Niche Industry of Your Dreams

niche industry

You’re determined to find a job, and a career, you’ll love. One of the best places to look?

Where your passions lie in everyday life, of course. This often means looking for work in a niche industry…   

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5 Reasons Dissatisfied Employees Stay at Jobs They Hate

dissatisfied employees

When I look around and see so many dissatisfied employees at work, I ask myself, “why the heck do they stay?”

These are some of the answers I’ve come up with…   

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