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What Does Your Ideal Workplace Look Like? [Infographic]

ideal workplace

This infographic from the folks at Quill.com will help you determine the ideal workplace for your personality type.

No, you may not have much say in your workplace environment. But at least you’ll know what to look for in your next job search…   

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How to Land a Successful Career in the Niche Industry of Your Dreams

niche industry

You’re determined to find a job, and a career, you’ll love. One of the best places to look?

Where your passions lie in everyday life, of course. This often means looking for work in a niche industry…   

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5 Reasons Dissatisfied Employees Stay at Jobs They Hate

dissatisfied employees

When I look around and see so many dissatisfied employees at work, I ask myself, “why the heck do they stay?”

These are some of the answers I’ve come up with…   

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16 Powerful Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Job [Infographic]

interview tips

vThere are interviews, and then there are interviews. There is nothing quite like the anticipation, nervousness, and even fear of the prospect of interviewing for a job that is absolutely perfect for you. That kind of opportunity doesn’t come often and, though you do your best at every interview, for this one, your best isn’t enough. You have to be even better. What you need are some interview tips that will help you up your game and win that dream job.   

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Tough Job Interview Question: “What’s Your Dream Job?”

job interview question

“What’s your dream job?” This job interview question is about preferences and aspirations. Those interviewing you are trying to get a sense of what you enjoy doing and in what type of professional environment you hope to someday find yourself.   

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4 Rookie Job Fair Mistakes You Must Avoid

Job Fair Mistakes

As a fresh graduate, job fairs provide you with an opportunity to land a dream job. But you must know the rookie job fair mistakes that must be avoided.

Because, too often, rookie job seekers fail to create a strong impression during these job fairs by making silly mistakes that make it seem as though they’re not serious about their career…   

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