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What to Do When Your Personal Dream Job Says “No, Thank You”

personal dream job

You applied for your personal dream job, maybe you even got an interview, but then you didn’t land the position. This kind of failure has happened to everyone. Here are a few tips for picking yourself back up after you’ve been rejected from a job.   

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Don’t Waste Networking Karma: Follow Up!


“I sent Jocelyn an email… never heard back from her.”

Avoiding awkward situations like meeting new people often keeps us from jumping into the job search. What I’m noticing now is another challenge. The need to develop the follow-up skills that keep job seekers in the game.

It’s a new skill you need to learn for the job search – and the workplace. And it’s different than getting assignments done on time in the classroom.

Think about all the things you know how to do today because you didn’t give up after one failed attempt. Think of all the networking connections you’ll miss in your life if you do!

So next time you “don’t hear back” on a networking introduction, try these ideas.   

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