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Have You Announced Your Graduation on LinkedIn Publisher?

linkedin grad

I just saw a creative and powerful use of LinkedIn Publisher!

Nicholas Anfeldt, a 2015 grad in Computer Security, announced his achievement to his 500+ member network. After seeing this unique use of Publisher, it occurred to me: LinkedIn Publisher is a top place to share your news. A no-brainer!

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5 Smart Ways to Make Recruiters Like Your Resume

5 Smart Ways to Make Recruiters Like Your Resume

How do get a recruiter to like your resume – and you – well enough to invite you to interview?

According to this great infographic from FreeResumeBuilder.org and our friend Donna Svei over at AvidCareerist.com, the answers – five of them to be exact – are simple…   

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4 Unique Ways to Reach a Hiring Manager on LinkedIn

inactive on Linkedin

A reader recently asked how to best use LinkedIn to reach a hiring manager he wants to pursue. The trouble: that hiring manager is basically inactive on the world’s largest professional network. Guessing that he’s not the only job seeker facing that challenge, I reached out for some actionable ideas: Find a Common Connection; Ask for an Email Introduction Career Coach Kolby Goodman suggests you first find a common connection and ask that person to introduce you to the hiring manager via email That request might look like this: Hi Lisa, I have been looking at various positions at [Company   

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