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You’re Hired! Now, Make an Impact from Day 1

Make an Impact

The interviews and phone calls are over; the negotiating is done. You’re hired!

After the initial hired high has passed, you realize: it’s now your time to shine. You have to not only show up, you must also fulfill the promises you made… and prove that your past experiences can translate to the new workplace…   

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Day One, New Job: 5 Tips for a Great Start

New Job

During my first week at my new job, I stumbled across a blog post about how to make a good impression in your first 90 days. The post mentioned your first 90 days are an extension of your interview. You have a chance to truly prove your worth and value.

To me that sounds like an internship; an experience I am very familiar with. So I decided to make my 90 days just that — a chance to prove myself. Since I only have a few of the 90 days completed so far, however, I thought I would start by suggesting a couple of first day tips.   

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