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Advice for a Past Intern: The 10 Things I Wish I Knew Back Then


I read a few posts recently, with poignant advice, the gist of which covered “Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew In College.”

(If I was the author, however, I’d include a good hangover cure! Just sayin’…)

The subject got me thinking about questions I get from interns, and some of the good advice that would them become more successful in their internships…   

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In Today’s Job Market, How Many Internships Are Enough?

How Many Internships are Enough

You may already have some professional experience from several internships. Or perhaps you’re exploring internships for the first time… maybe even as a recent graduate. In any case, it’s likely you’re pondering one of the most common internship-related questions…

By the time I look for my first real job, how many internships should I have on my resume?

The simple answer:   

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Frustrating Internship Search? Small Changes Make Big a Difference

Time for a change

Yesterday, I came across a series of tweets from an internship seeker that caused me to stop what I was doing. The despair was palpable…

While I understand the anguish, and know this is far too common an occurrence, my appeal to those in this situation is this: Make a change. Make several changes! Do yourself a favor and stop doing the same thing over and over.   

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Recruiter for a Day: Would YOU Hire You?


You feel your resume was perfect (even your mother proofed the newest version). Your cover letter came from a template you found online (you have every confidence it was the best of the bunch).

And yet… you don’t get called in for an interview. What could have happened?!

To answer this question, let’s make you “Recruiter for a Day”…   

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Ditch the New Year’s Resolution… Create a Career Action Plan!

New Year calendar

Hey… do you want to read another post about how to set New Year’s resolutions for a successful job or internship search?

Sorry. This isn’t one of them.

The truth is… January 1st isn’t magical. It’s a date on the calendar like any other.

But perhaps therein lies the magic. Any date can be made a special starting day – even today!   

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It’s Okay to Not Know What You Don’t Know


You don’t know what you don’t know – now, and at every new starting point in your career moving forward. Each new internship, job or promotion is an opportunity to be a learner first.

That’s good. And you should be okay with that.   

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