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14 Soft Skills Millennials Must Master for Today’s Workplace

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What if, someday soon, you no longer need a four-year college degree to “compete” in the job market?

I know: given how much weight we currently place on the all-important question of “Where did you go to school?” this scenario seems hard to believe. But as online courses become more legitimate and trustworthy, employers might not care where we gain the skills — only that we have the skills.   

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How to Get Ready for Your Next Career Fair: Before, During and After


It’s career fair season again. Are you ready?

Before you attend the career event in your community, read over the before, during and after checklist below to make sure you’re 100% prepared!   

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These 5 Words and Phrases Make You Look Weak at Work


Confidence is a powerful tool to gain respect and get stuff done. But if the wording doesn’t fill us with confidence, we run the risk of sending the reader elsewhere for the solution they desire.

As you compose emails (and in conversation too), remove these five words and phrases – that make you look weak – from your work-related vocabulary…   

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Here’s What Your Resume “Skills” Section Should Tell an Employer


Personality traits are not job skills and, in my view, do not belong in the “Skills” section of a resume. Want an example of a “skill” that could set your resume apart from the competition?

Software development. That’s a “skill”…   

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How to Close 5 Emails Everyone Writes During Their Career

5 Most Important Emails

We all write emails. But some of us need a little more help than others when trying to create a good first impression.

To help you compose emails that end with impact, here’s a short guide on how to close the five most important career related emails we will write…   

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How to Create the Perfect One Page Resume

One page

A resume isn’t about including everything. It’s about including the RIGHT things.

Still, you might have a lengthy internship and work history and think, “How am I supposed to put all of my jobs on one page?”   

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