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Job Seekers: This is How You Do Social Media Right

Social Media Big 4

To avoid freezing up when it comes to optimizing your digital brand presence on the Inter-web, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly being used by careerists.

Wwhat works, what doesn’t work, and where will you get the most bang for your virtual buck?   

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5 Reasons You Must Ask for Recommendations on LinkedIn


Why do job seekers gloss over the importance of having strong recommendations tied to their LinkedIn profile?

Despite any “I’m not worthy” feelings that may surface: I bet that you could come up with at least three colleagues more than happy to speak positively of your work. And the time and energy required to gather those testimonials is more than worth the effort as having recommendations on LinkedIn is now important for several reasons…   

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Are Past Job Titles Killing Your Present Job Search?


Job title inflation is rampant, and that’s not to say it’s wrong – I always encourage candidates to use verbiage that both accurately describes their role and contributions, but that also best speaks to the interests of the position.

One thing they’re doing wrong is slapping a job title on the resume that says nothing about what they did, and/or conveys a completely different level of expertise than that which they’re targeting.   

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