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To Ace the Interview: Quit Trying to Read the Recruiter’s Mind


The main reason job seekers fear – and fail –at interviews? They’re attempting to read the interviewer’s mind; or they try to anticipate the next question asked instead of actively listening to the current question.

This job interview mind-guessing game does not – will not – work… and is destined to fail.   

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Your Bare Bones LinkedIn Profile Is Scaring Recruiters Away

scary skeleton

A lot of job seekers seem to believe that if they have a bare bones LinkedIn account with a name, degrees and a list of employers they are all set. Not so!

Just in time for Halloween, I had an informal conversation with a few recruiters. I asked them what scared them the most about someone’s LinkedIn Profile. Here are some of their thoughts…   

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Job Seekers: Never Be Afraid to Tell Your Story


“Never be afraid to tell your story.”

When it comes to job search, we cannot underestimate the importance of storytelling. In fact, as is said by Sharon Graham in the foreword of my new book, Tell Stories Get Hired, once you can articulate your value effectively, you can succeed in your job search…   

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The Death of the Cover Letter: Greatly Exaggerated?


We often hear or read about the death of the resume. And yet somehow it continues to hang on for dear life.

Nowadays, though, it seems that this dire prediction has reached another long-time job search tool: the cover letter…   

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Beware These 5 Easy-to-Make Job Search Mistakes

Easy to Make Job Search Mistakes

From time to time job seekers discuss with me the difficulties they face in finding a job, or getting interviews.

Most times I empathize with these individuals because the job search process can take a toll on anyone; people get into panic mode, and all rational thinking goes through the window. And mistakes are made, like these:   

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Key to Networking Success? Don’t Be an “Ask-Hole”


At some point, every job seeker has heard how important it is to network, but only a few have been told how. So most ask far more than they give. And anyone who is constantly asking runs the risk of being called an ‘ask-hole’.

Networking is not about ask-ask-give. It’s about give-give-give-give-ask! Below are five simple things you could do today to become a give-first networker…   

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