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How to Spot a Crappy Work Culture During a Job Search


Work culture is a popular topic right now, but most of the information available is on examples of the best work culture. No one ever talks about how to find the best or how to avoid the worst. How can you tell if a workplace has a crappy culture during your job search? What are some red flags to look for? How do weed out the places that seem to have a crappy culture? The #InternPro community is ready to take on these questions and a few others tonight at 6pm PT. Get a sneak peek at what we’ll be   

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Do You Exceed the 5 Basic Expectations of Every Recruiter?

Expectations of Every Recruiter

We talk a lot about the importance of customizing resumes for each application and establishing a solid online presence. Over and over, we cover effective job search techniques and job interview best practices. In fact, as job seekers, we pretty much obsess over every little detail involved with finding meaningful work.

What don’t we talk about enough? We don’t discuss – anywhere near enough – the baseline expectations recruiters have of every candidate   

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Identifying Company Culture Through Social Networks

Company culture manifests through the collective behavior and attitudes of the organization’s employees; it can also be formed through the company’s norms, habits, and values. Identifying with a company’s culture is essential when applying to and accepting a position. So how do you find out if you’re a good fit? Since companies have increasingly become present on social media and with corporate blogging, it’s not too difficult to begin looking there. Here’s what to look for when browsing their social media profiles:   

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