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Multiple Job Offers: Here’s How to Make the Right Choice

multiple job offers

Don’t get us wrong, receiving multiple job offers is a great problem to have. But juggling more than one at a time can feel a bit stressful.

To help you navigate your next move, here are some great tips for communicating with multiple hiring managers, and ultimately making the best decision for yourself…

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Cultural Fit: The Real Reason You Didn’t Get the Job

cultural fit

When receiving a job rejection, you might wrack your brain as to why you weren’t selected. Perhaps you didn’t have the ideal qualifications. Or the right experience.

Or… maybe the hiring manager felt your personality and the company culture wouldn’t work well together…   

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A Job Seeker’s Guide: Assessing Fit in a Company Culture

company culture fit

Since the primordial days of the human race, the concepts of “fitting in” – being part of a culture – have been key to our survival. It’s no surprise, then, that this survival instinct has carried over to the professional world. We want to fit in with our company culture. As organizations have matured, employees have come to be seen more as assets than expenditures. With this, the understanding of the role culture plays within a company’s walls has evolved. Today, more than ever, the concept of cultural fit has leapt from the confines of a human resources initiative; it is   

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Finding the Right Culture: One Size Doesn’t Fit All


When representing a new candidate, one of the first things we discuss is their ideal working environment and what types of industries/cultures they prefer. In short: we uncover the type of culture where they will excel.

Of course, these answers are usually varied (and should be!) as we are all unique individuals…   

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