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5 Common Work Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

work mistakes

To uncover some common work mistakes you might not even know you’re making, we talked with Dana Brownlee from Professionalism Matters.

She gave us five things to look out for so you can maintain your top-notch work cred…   

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Keep Your Credibility: 3 Ways to Blow Up Your Personal Brand


Your personal brand is essential in the job search. It defines you as a candidate and what sets you apart. Most importantly, it builds credibility – something that employers and connections seek in professionals.

However, there are some practices job seekers do that risk losing their brand’s trust. Here’s three ways to lose credibility in your personal brand:   

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A Degree is Not Enough: Crucial Resume Cred for Young Careerists

We don’t have to tell you the job market is tight. Or how important it is for job seekers to be setting themselves up with every possible advantage to make their resume pop.

Leaving aside the most obvious requirements like bachelor’s degrees and vocation specific licenses and certifications, we’ve lined up the must-haves for major fields in the American job market. In alphabetical order, here’s how to get ahead in 10 popular career choices:   

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The 4 Steps to a Powerful, Employable Personal Brand


When I say “Apple” there’s a good chance you think of tablets and phones made by the consumer electronics company of the same name.

Now, think of a local small business you frequently visit. Who pops into your head when you hear their business name? There’s a good chance the face of an employee you interact with regularly, or the owner comes to mind.

That’s the power of personal branding in action. Whether you’re an executive, a startup founder, an entry-level PR representative or an intern, a strong personal brand helps you build your credibility and your career. Here’s how:   

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