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Ready for Those Oddball Job Interview Questions?

Job Interview

“Which kitchen utensil would you be?”

“How would you direct someone on how to cook an omelet?”

Oddball questions may seem to have nothing to do with a job position, but companies are increasingly asking these brainteaser questions to determine a candidate’s ability to think on their feet, think critically, problem solve and effectively talk through a response. Keep in mind, there aren’t always right or wrong answers to these questions, but they can still be tricky.

Here are a few tips to help you respond to four sample oddball interview questions:   

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Job Seekers: Like Coca-Cola…Get Creative, not Complacent

Coca-cola loves to find creative ways to reach consumers.

I’m sure that even without creative ad campaigns, Coca-cola would still be successful. Yet they constantly release new ads and YouTube videos to reach consumers; when it comes to branding and communicating, they aren’t complacent.

When looking for your next job or internship… you can’t be complacent with your search or your branding, either:   

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Happy Endings Through ‘Hire Me’ Campaigns

In this competitive market, job seekers are turning to some whacky, out-of-the-box techniques to shine among the massive stack of boring resumes. It seems like every other week there is someone having their 15 minutes of Twitter fame with clever, catchy job searching stunts.

But does a catchy campaign or self-promotion really impress an employer enough to snag a job? Check out these top ‘Hire Me’ campaign tactics and see what happened:   

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How to Nurture Your Creative Spark to Benefit Your Career

Conforming to a corporate culture is often an integral part of successful career growth. As workers and contributors to a business, we have to speak the language and innately know a company, in order to achieve both personal and professional goals. Yet, how much of our creative and true selves do we lose in the process?   

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