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6 Creative Resumes That Got the Job Done

6 creative resumes

Recently, I exchanged emails with a friend managing a new hire process for his company. “I’ve looked at enough resumes the last few weeks to last me a lifetime,” he wrote. And that is our reality. Any candidate applying for a job in today’s market has to compete with up to hundreds of other applicants. So how can job seekers possibly capture a recruiter’s attention when all resumes look the same? While there are plenty of subtle ways to make a resume stand out, some job seekers have gone above and beyond active verbs, quantifiable achievements, and proper resume keyword selections. Here are six   

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3 Keys to a Successful Creative Job Search Campaign

need a job

Once a week on Mashable, Tech Crunch or Huffington Post I read about someone’s creative promotional approach to marketing themselves as a job seeker.

Whether it’s a funky infographic resume, a physical promotional package, or an innovative digital portfolio, many of them are legitimately cool and sometimes successful (like this one).

Other, however, more closely resemble reincarnations of someone else’s work. Which by default makes it not very creative…   

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Creative Resumes: A Way to Stand Out or Just a Stunt?


In today’s job market, employers are flooded with resumes for each available job. People are unemployed or underemployed and are competing hard for each job. Candidates are doing their best to make their resumes stand out as the best candidate for the role.

But even a nicely formatted resume might not be enough to catch the recruiter’s attention. Some savvy candidates recognize this and construct creative resumes to really set them apart. But are these creative resumes helping or hurting them?   

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3 Blunders that Bust Creative Resumes

You aren’t average, so why should you apply just like everyone else?

You eat ice cream with a fork. You don’t fit within a box, so you’re not going to submit a resume just like the other sheep… err, job candidates.

Used well, a creative resume can rgive you a job seeking edge. But they have just as many pitfalls. Knowing the major blunders will keep you from making the wrong impression. Here are some common traps job seekers fall into when getting creative with their resume:   

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