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5 Ways to Be Sure You Make a Great First Impression

great first impression

We don’t think it’s completely crucial to your job search to display your talents at billboard size to be appealing to an employer. In fact, you can stand out to employers in much simpler ways. Have a look at our five top tips on making a great first impression and being a candidate your interviewers will remember:   

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10 Simple Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Summary Stand Out

linkedin summary

A well-executed elevator speech is a powerful business tool. During the time it takes for an average elevator ride, you need to sum up what your company makes or does and get your listener excited about it. Know what else serves the same purpose as you elevator pitch? Your LinkedIn Summary section. After all, your LinkedIn summary typically shows up near the top of your profile. So it’s obviously one of the first things a person sees when looking at you. It has also gained much higher importance since LinkedIn’s latest revisions to the app and the desktop version. The first 80   

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The Complete Writing Guide for Great Cover Letters [Infographic]

great cover letters

The trouble is that writing cover letters isn’t exactly a course taught in college. So the only way we learn is through experience.

Unless you take a look at this simple yet thorough cover letter writing guide from Hiration, that is…   

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Tough Cover Letter Question: To Whom Should I Send?

cover letter

When writing your cover letter, it is imperative that you address an individual with a personalized greeting. When writing your cover letter, it is imperative that you address an individual with a personalized greeting.   

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8 Cover Letter Mistakes New Grads Must Avoid


When applying for jobs straight out of university, your resume may look similar to a lot of others. So how do you differentiate yourself? With a stellar cover letter. However, many graduates tend to make the same mistakes on their first cover letters. Without years of professional experience, often your communication skills will be more important to a potential employer than anything else, so if you can produce an effective cover letter, it can really make you stand out. Here are the eight cover letter mistakes new grads must avoid: 1. It’s All about You Yes, your cover letter is an opportunity   

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8 Cover Letter Tips That Help You Win Job Interviews

Cover letter tips

I can write a solid resume, interview well, and make sure that my online presence is on point. No problem. But the one thing that’s always been a struggle?

The dreaded cover letter…   

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