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Making the Grade: The ABCs of an Effective Cover Letter

effective cover letter

Cover letters are the bane of existence for many job seekers. It’s unclear if anyone reads them or what employers even expect from them, and the rules are always changing.

Used properly, however, an effective cover letter can be a huge asset to your job search…   

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A Proven Formula for Writing Cover Letters That Win Interviews

writing cover letters

While there are examples out there, there isn’t really a specific step-by-step formula for writing cover letters that win interviews.

It really comes down to who your audience is, what kind of information is important to them, and the best way of communicating that visually and verbally.   

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Five Tips for Nailing a Cover Letter Opening Statement

opening statement

Many underestimate the power of a great cover letter opening statement. Even fewer know how to write a letter that helps you win the job interview.

And yet, in many cases, almost nothing is more important. After all, your opening statement encapsulates who you are…   

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Addressing Cover Letters: To Whom it May Concern?

addressing cover letters

As a job seeker, you act as a marketer while presenting your personal brand in your cover letter. And you want to ensure you do as much as you can to stand out. Which means that when addressing cover letters, it is imperative you address an individual with a personalized greeting.

These days, “To Whom it May Concern,” just won’t cut it…   

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How to Write an Exceptional Cover Letter [Infographic]

Exceptional Cover Letter

This infographic from Globalessays.org takes you step-by-step through cover letter writing process. Beginning with determining if you need to even write one, it answers questions like how long it should be and what it should say.

From salutation to signature, this advice is solid…   

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The Dos and Don’ts of Cover Letters [Infographic]

Dos and Donts of Cover Letters

A cover letter is your chance to distance yourself from the competition… a chance to prove you have the right skills, attitude and values for that specific company.

And yet a cover letter can backfire. If not done well, the reader will know – in just a few seconds – that you are not the “detail oriented” and “passionate” professional with “excellent communication skills” that your resume says you are.   

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