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I Ripped My Pants! (Or, Be Yourself in the Workplace)

Ripped My Pants

To a certain extent, I’m sort of a creeper at work; I observe people all the time.

That’s my thing. I watch and I listen and I realize how ridiculously crazy people are most of the time while they’re at work.

Many feel they need to put on some kind of front while at work… they can’t be themselves. Instead, they have to be perfect. ALWAYS…   

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The Future of Work and the Millennial Takeover [Infographic]


The Millennials are coming! Millennials are the up-and-coming generation in the US workforce (and around the world). At 2.3 billion strong, they’ll soon be the largest generational group, even with many Boomers delaying retirement. This generation will make several considerable impacts on the workforce beyond just their numbers. For instance, they’ll be more ethnically diverse and better-educated than previous generations. And their workplace needs will have far-reaching changes on management structures. The Millennials are coming. And the way most companies do business is going to change considerably because of them. Check out this interesting infographic from GraphicDesignNYC and Red Tree   

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Could We Learn to Love the 4-Day Work Week?


The workforce is a scary place right now.

For those unemployed, it seems like it’ll take a miracle of God to find a job. And for those of us who DO have jobs, we hope and we pray we’ll be able to keep them.

Even GREAT organizations… even those that have been recognized for their financial stability… are having to deal with not-so-great stuff like budget cuts and layoffs…   

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Businesses Need Collaborative (Not Competitive) Advantage

It’s time for “competitive advantage” to die. I mean, it’s had a good run. However, it’s time for something better. I’m a competitive person, so I can extol the benefits of a good rivalry as well as the next guy. A little competition isn’t bad, of course — it tends to keep us on our toes, helps us continually improve, pushes our limits, etc. But in business, like many other things, we’ve gone totally overboard. Our competitiveness has gone into overdrive, where many organizations end up harming people and the planet because they see the world as an endless field   

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How to Nurture Your Creative Spark to Benefit Your Career

Conforming to a corporate culture is often an integral part of successful career growth. As workers and contributors to a business, we have to speak the language and innately know a company, in order to achieve both personal and professional goals. Yet, how much of our creative and true selves do we lose in the process?   

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The New World of Work: Everyone Is Indispensible

There’s a popular saying, in business particularly, which goes like this:

“No one is indispensable.”

This means that you are not special; that you can be easily replaced by anyone we (somewhat carefully) pick off the street.

This “easy and instant replacement” mentality doesn’t feel right anymore, either.

The truth is, everyone is indispensable.   

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