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How to Accept and Appreciate Constructive Criticism [Infographic]

constructive criticism

Criticism is a necessary part of life.  In fact, if you don’t regularly receive it you should worry… especially on the job. Constructive criticism helps you to improve at what you do. But knowing that such negative feedback has positive results doesn’t stop it from stinging. It takes calmness and maturity to process. And taking it well is a great opportunity to demonstrate to your boss that you’re engaged with your work and eager to improve.   

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Accepting Feedback: How to Open Yourself Up to Constructive Criticism

accepting feedback

Accepting feedback at work and school is universally difficult. It’s hard not to take criticism personally when you’ve poured your time, attention and passion into something only to hear, “we need to rethink this.”

However, there are some ways to remove your personal ego when accepting feedback.    

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