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5 Killer Tips to Build Your Job Interview Confidence


The job interview: the one component of the job search process we most love to hate.

While the interview serves as a sign from the employer that you are being strongly considered for a position, it also can be a huge source of angst for candidates who fear they’ll take themselves out of the running by making critical mistakes.

A great way to overcome job interview anxiety: begin feeling good about the process! Need help getting there? Here are five killer tips to build your interviewing confidence…   

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Is it Sometimes Okay to Lie on Your Resume?


Much has been written about building confidence for an interview. But how do you get the interview in the first place? It still comes down to how you look on paper—your resume and cover letter have to pop.

To be sure, lying to yourself without misrepresenting who you truly are is a balancing act. Here are some tips you can use to pull it off:   

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