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3 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic and Succeed at Anything

inner critic

My inner critic whispered, “I am unqualified for this job.” This was the thought that kept popping into my mind when I started in sales. I was like a laptop with a virus. And — if I’m being honest — my negative self-talk didn’t even speak that eloquently.

It was more like, “You’re going to suck at this.”   

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Get Your Zen On: The Art of Staying Interview Calm

interview calm

In the middle of a recital, business proposal, presentation, or other career-making moments our calm sometimes disappears.

If this sounds like an all-too-familiar scenario, never fear. We have a few tried and true tips to help you chill out, relax and keep your interview calm on…   

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The Art of Small Talk: 10 Ways to Ooze Interesting While Networking

small talk

Small talk happens at a conference, a coffee shop, a graduation party, or a wedding.  Heck, it could even happen during a job interview.

But does the thought of having to talk with someone new make you want to run fast in the other direction?   

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#InternPro Recap: “How to Know You’re REALLY Ready for the Next Level”

#InternPro Chat Twitter

It’s often easy – especially early in our careers – to question our skills, experience and overall value. Often referred to as ‘Imposter Syndrome’, this self-doubt can be crippling as we attempt to kick our careers up a notch.   

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Do You Exceed the 5 Basic Expectations of Every Recruiter?

Expectations of Every Recruiter

We talk a lot about the importance of customizing resumes for each application and establishing a solid online presence. Over and over, we cover effective job search techniques and job interview best practices. In fact, as job seekers, we pretty much obsess over every little detail involved with finding meaningful work.

What don’t we talk about enough? We don’t discuss – anywhere near enough – the baseline expectations recruiters have of every candidate   

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The Startling Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance


We’ve all heard of Google’s eccentric hiring process, from the infamous brain teasers (“How many golf balls can you fit on an airplane?”) to the eccentric intern activities portrayed in the movie “The Internship.” In the words of Owen Wilson’s character, “We’re looking at some sort of mental ‘Hunger Games’ against a bunch of genius kids for just a handful of jobs.” Hundreds of applicants do find themselves vying for a single position, and those who make it through the screening process must be as good in person as they are on paper. For many employers, one of the biggest   

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