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How to Beat the Competition and Win that Coveted Internship

coveted internship

As we look forward to the fall season, competition for an internship is quite high. The key to getting a clear shot at a coveted internship? You must stand out in the crowd of resumes and applications.

Today, it isn’t enough to list your experiences and accomplishments. You must remember the rules of marketing…

You’ve got to focus on creating a product that the consumer desires.    

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Don’t Fear the Competition… BE the Competition (Part 2)


As much as I see the detriments of constant self-comparison among job seekers, I see it equally as rampant among entrepreneurs starting out in their small businesses.

When you’re completely self-reliant on your own talents, skills and strategy to create a sustainable living, it’s very easy to break it down and dissect everything you’re doing on an atomic level. When you go into business for yourself, inevitably you start surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs, freelancers and like-minded folks who understand the challenges and advantages of your situation…   

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Don’t Fear the Competition… BE the Competition (Part 1)


I’m deathly afraid of insects. Instead of letting a bee flit around me and go on its merry way, I swat at it desperately and irritate it… because I’m scared and intimidated.

My father would constantly tell me, “Leave it alone! It’s more afraid of you than you are of it.”

I didn’t understand this logic…   

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