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9 Ways to Research Company Culture Before You Apply

research company culture

You don’t have to wait until you apply to research company culture. You can begin evaluating company culture as you research target companies to help you identify those that interest you. Armed with basic research, you will find it easier to ask specific questions about the components of culture during the job interview.   

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Company Culture or Cash: What Do You Want from Your Next Job?

company culture

Company culture. It’s not in the one-liners on the walls, nor the office deckchairs, espresso machine or popcorn stations. Previously an HR buzzword, company culture is now more mainstream and a critical aspect of business success. So much so that many of us now prioritize culture over salary when it comes to job satisfaction. According to Glassdoor’s Mission and Culture Survey 2019, 56% in fact claim culture is more important than the size of their monthly pay-check. Surprised? Hold-fire, there’s more…   

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Job Search Success: Pay More Attention to Good Cultural Fit

good cultural fit

You’ve found a job that interests you, so you research things like salary and benefits.

But what you really want to know is far more complicated: Are you a good cultural fit?   

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Job Offer Questions: What to Ask Before You Accept

job offer questions

It’s very exciting to receive a new job offer, but there are still many job offer questions that must be answered before actually accepting and starting a new job. Certain information may not have been discussed in an interview, and are critical for a new employee to successfully adapt to a new job and environment.   

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6 Workplace Rules That Will Drive You Crazy [Infographic]

crazy workplace rules

Have you ever been in a professional environment where the established workplace rules make you shake your head and ask “WTH???”

This happens all too often. And yet at the risk of alienating the workforce, companies that achieve a certain level of success tend to implement more and more rules…   

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A Job Seeker’s Guide: Assessing Fit in a Company Culture

company culture fit

Since the primordial days of the human race, the concepts of “fitting in” – being part of a culture – have been key to our survival. It’s no surprise, then, that this survival instinct has carried over to the professional world. We want to fit in with our company culture. As organizations have matured, employees have come to be seen more as assets than expenditures. With this, the understanding of the role culture plays within a company’s walls has evolved. Today, more than ever, the concept of cultural fit has leapt from the confines of a human resources initiative; it is   

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