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Before You Apply: Know the Company Inside and Out

know the company

For many job seekers, a successful job search means winning the war for employment. “Know the enemy” is one of the foundation elements in winning a war. This idea was first expressed by Chinese general (and philosopher) Sun Tzu many, many centuries ago.   

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Resume-Writing Secrets: Target Employers Using These Little-known Tools

One major component of an effective job search is writing a resume that successfully targets the employer you’re applying to. This involves researching the employer’s goals for the position you want — as well as its overall mission as a company — to determine how you can make a difference.

A number of tools are available to help job seekers research companies, such as the company website, the Google search engine, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But there are other options many seekers don’t know about. As you conduct your research, consider utilizing the following tools:   

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